Happy Holidays from SVCREATES

By Connie Martinez, SVCREATES’ Chief Executive Officer

Happy Holidays!

As we close out this truly incredible, unprecedented year, we are reflecting on the many people and institutions who kept us hopeful this year. We are feeling the depth and importance of our community, of those people and institutions that are woven inextricably into our work and our daily lives. We are grateful.

We are grateful for the Silicon Valley artists, culture workers, and arts leaders who have nurtured our souls and brought us joy, learning, and inspiration during this dark time of COVID-19, wildfires, a divided nation, and contentious election season. Your work embodies the collective humanity of the arts.

We are grateful for our institutional funders and partners at the County of Santa Clara, San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs, California Arts Council, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and VMC Foundation, Community Vision, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Applied Materials Foundation, and the Packard, Hewlett, Morgan, Castellano and Rainin Foundations. Know that our staff loves working with each of you and we could not do what we do without you!

We are grateful for the SVCREATES team, for seemingly boundless faith in the unique impact the arts have on all our lives, their belief in this special community, and their tireless work in support of our arts ecosystem.

  • Thank you to Alexandra and Alyssa for adjusting our capacity-building programs to meet the challenges of COVID-19, converting our offerings to Zoom, and doubling the number and value of our grants to artists and organizations this year.
  • Thank you to Daniel and Kristen for lifting our spirits and the voices of our creative culture through and pivoting to host virtual Pick-Up Parties.
  • Thank you to Tanuja, Zakiya, and Alyssarhaye for building the ArtsWeb coalitions and advancing this shared services pilot program.
  • Thank you to Tanuja for driving the installation of at Valley Medical Center and leading our sixth year of ArtsEdConnect arts education grants for local teachers.
  • Thank you to Sarah for managing the office, overseeing accounting, and keeping my schedule. And to Stephanie for paying our bills and processing payroll.
  • Thank you to Spoke Consulting for keeping us on message and to Financial Administrative Support Services for keeping our books.

We are grateful for our Board of Directors for their time, talent, and treasure. You are thought partners, champions, and fiduciaries. We have co-created, strategized, and worried together.

Perhaps most importantly, we are inspired by you and grateful for you. Thank you for giving meaning to our work and our passion for this place.

What a year, and what a team! Our offices will be closed until next year while we clear our heads, renew our spirits, and say good riddance to 2020.

Happy 2021,

Connie Martinez

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